When you look back at your career, which period would you consider to be the hardest?

Every phase has its pros and cons and when I started thinking that a phase was the hardest, another one came right after and was even worse. It´s about setting the right goals and I believe that a person should set as high goals as they can which goes hand in hand with the hardest phases. When success comes along, you shouldn´t sleep on it, you should keep going and working toward your next goal.

What was the hardest thing about your business during its beginnings and how did you overcome the crisis?

The most difficult moments were those of very little success. It´s important to keep going, continue working hard and pursue the path toward the goals that you have set in your professional and personal life. You know you can´t ease up, you have to do your best even when you don´t feel like it and you can´t let obstacles get to you.

What advice would you give anyone trying to start their own company?

My advice would be to think through very carefully if you want to sacrifice all your free time, time for friends and family and work instead; and also evaluate if you have enough self-confidence and confidence in your team.

Which one of your personality traits do you consider to be the most important for the ability to lead your company?

Optimism, humility, strong-mindedness, competitiveness, and determination. But above all, I value the ability to communicate.

What is the most annoying part about being the boss?

Being present in every moment and then distributing tasks.

What keeps you going forward?

The desire to be the best in the given field. To be part of a project with global influence and part of a team of people whom I can continually learn from. The opportunity to create an environment where business and technology can be linked between the Czech Republic and USA.

Do you have someone you look up to in business?

There´s not one specific person but qualities of several people from different fields. Each team member inspires me. I try to learn constantly and become a better version of myself.

What would definitely throw you off during a meeting?

What do you do when you´re having a crisis?

I work harder and stick to my rituals so that the negative amplitude gets reduced to a minimum.

What is your guilty pleasure?


How do you waste the most time of your life?


What was the best investment you ever made?

I´ve traveled through a large part of the world. I´ve seen different places be it for surfing or to discover different cultures and nations. I consider self-education a big investment, as far as hard skills as well as soft skills go.

What is the worst thing about business?

Lack of time for favorite activities such as surfing and other sports.

What is the best thing about business?

The possibility to travel on the path you chose. The possibility to create opportunities and spend more time doing activities that correspond to my goals and values.  

What about your future excites you the most?

I´m excited about the expansion of AIKIT – product wise and service wise. In my personal life, I´m excited about raising my daughter. I wish to have the opportunity to invest into companies for the growth of the Czech ecosystem and into projects where the goal is to improve education in the Czech Republic.